SNSD Ranker

The poll has been running for almost a year so here are the long awaited results for the fan ranking:
1st place: Taeyeon – 23.05% (62 votes)
2nd place: Jessica – 17.47% (47 votes)
3rd place: Yoona – 12.27% (33 votes)
4th Place: Sooyoung – 11.9% (32 votes)
5th Place: Tiffany – 10.41% (28 votes)
6th Place: Yuri – 8.92% (24 votes)
7th Place: Seohyun – 8.55% (23 votes)
8th Place: Sunny – 4.46% (12 votes)
9th Place: Hyoyeon – 2.97% (8 votes)
Total votes: 269

Taeyeon and Jessica battling for 1st and 2nd was something I expected but I didn’t think Yoona would rank so high. I’ve always had the impression that amongst international fans, Yoona was considered to be overrated whereas the Korean fans loved her. It’s easy to guess why Hyoyeon and Suuny ranked at the bottom. Hyoyeon is considered ugly and Sunny’s aegyo is annoying. Compared to my ranking, there isn’t really much of a difference. Here are my thoughts on them:

1. Jessica

The Ice Princess Jessica takes my number 1 spot for favourite SNSD member. She’s called the Ice Princess for a reason and she’s definitely got some attitude which is what I love about this girl. She’s entertaining to watch and of all the members, I think she’s the prettiest and with blond hair, she’s just overkill, especially her hair style from “Run Devil Run”. In terms of singing, she has the most distinguishable voice in the group and it always easy to pick her out in the songs.

2. Taeyeon

~♥ Taengoo ♥~ This girl is cute, funny, has an amazing voice and it all comes in this tiny adorable package. I love it when people make fun of her for being short. It gives a good laugh and she handles those situations pretty well. The thing I love about Taeyeon the most is that she’s a huge dork. From her laughing fits to awesome facial expressions, she’s a top notch entertainer earning my number 2 spot.

3. Sooyoung

Great looks, nice voice, strong dancer, Sooyoung is your well-rounded idol. What puts Sooyoung above the others is that she’s got the best aegyo (cuteness) in SNSD. What’s so great about it is that it’s different from the normal kind of aegyo. It’s a weird kind of cuteness. She’s goes completely over the top with it and its plain hilarious and still ends up being cute. It’s a million times better than Sunny’s aegyo.

4. Tiffany

From videos I’ve seen, Tiffany always seems to be on the receiving end of pranks. She’s like the butt of all jokes. It’s sometimes hard to believe just how gullible she is but it’s because of this that she’s always able to provide a good laugh here and there from her reactions.

5. Hyoyeon

Number 5 goes to Hyoyeon. I know that in terms of looks, she isn’t exactly the prettiest especially compared to the other members, but when this girl dances, she suddenly becomes so much more attractive to me. It’s like seeing someone in a different light. I generally have a soft spot for the dancers of the groups. On top of her dance skills, Hyoyeon is pretty damn funny too.

6. Yoona

I’m just gonna outright and say this, Yoona is overrated. She’s pretty, can sing & dance, and has good variety skills. It’s just that from all these traits, there’s already a member in SNSD that can do it better than Yoona. I don’t hate Yoona, it’s just that she screams “average” and it’s hard to understand just how she’s the face of SNSD.

7. Yuri

I don’t like Yuri. There’s really no particular reason as to why I dislike her, I just don’t. Maybe I’m just waiting for her to do something that’ll wow me but right now, there’s nothing noteworthy about her in my eyes.


8. Seohyun

This girl is so boring. She’s too much of a goody two-shoes. I like idols that have some evil in them and are willing to pull pranks on other members and take shots at one another. Seohyun’s got none of that evil in her blood which makes her character pretty dull and predictable which is why I couldn’t watch her throughout We Got Married. It was too much of a snore fest.

9. Sunny

Burn! Burn! BURN! Ahem… I wouldn’t go that far but you get the idea. Last place goes to Sunny. She just annoys me in the worst possible way every time I see her. She’s known for being the best at aegyo in the group but I don’t see it. Members like Taeyeon and Yoona do her type better and are much cuter at it too. Suuny’s aegyo just doesn’t feel natural and she’s trying too hard pushing the “I’m so cute thing” down our throats. Compared to others who do something similar like Gyuri from KARA and Sayumi from Momusu, Sunny’s version just isn’t entertaining and it becomes a pain to watch every time.

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But then again, no even asked. T_T
Lol!  Didn’t really post blog for that long so it was to be expected.  Anyway, school got in the way and now that I’m finished, it’s time I get back to blogging again.  I’m still busy right now with the job searching but I missed this place so I just had to come back. One thing that really surprised me was that I got more views on my blog while I was away than I did when I normally post stuff.  Weird.  Well, there’s a lot to catch up on like finishing up those polls and changing my background + banner, etc… so look forward to new posts and updates real soon.

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2PM to Debut in Japan

Korean boy group 2PM are set to debut in Japan by the end of the year. They’ll be re-releasing their Korean debut album “01:59 PM” in Japan and will also include the bonus track “Thank You”. This also means that their first official single (whenever that’s released) will most likely be original and not a rehash of a past hit like what the K-Pop girl groups are currently doing. They’ll be releasing a DVD special about their history so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle everything Jay Park (Jaebeom) related.

When I found out about 2PM’s Japanese debut, I was pretty happy since 2PM is my favourite boy group amongst all the other boy groups in Korea and Japan so I’m hoping they make a stronger impression than BIG BANG and Tohoshinki but honestly, I have doubts that 2PM will gain much success in Japan, at least in the beginning. Not once have I ever heard a famous person in Japan mention 2PM. KARA had Gekidan Hitori constantly fanboy about them, certain members from AKB48 and Morning Musume fangirl about K-Pop boy groups. Acchan likes Tohoshinki, Mariko Shinoda and Ai Takahashi like BIG BANG + G-Dragon, and Junjun likes Super Junior. She actually wears “Super Junior” socks. As far as I know, right now 2PM doesn’t have much hype in Japan. It’s still early so right now so hopefully they’ll be able to get some attention.

For more info on events and such, check out Tokyohive as well as their official website.

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Shoujo Jidai to Release Japanese Version of GEE

It was recently announced that Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) will be releasing a Japanese version of “Gee” as their second single in Japan. “Gee” was the song that launched the girls to super stardom in Korea and I get the feeling that it’ll do the same for them in Japan. Does anyone else think so too? Anyways, a radio-rip of the song has already been released.

I for one am disappointed that they’re releasing yet another rehash of one of their Korean songs. What’s next? Are they planning to release Oh! and Run Devil Run in Japanese as their 3rd and 4th single followed by the second Korean Album in Japanese too? Hopefully, they won’t go down this route. As for “Gee”, it took a lot longer for me to get used to unlike “Genie” when I liked it right away. On my first listen, everything felt so broken but I still kept listening to it now I’m addicted to “Gee” all over again. The single is set to be released on October 20.

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The Latest KARA News

Here’s some news about KARA in the past weeks.

Gyuri and Nicole’s New Hairstyles

Most likely for KARA’s comeback, Gyuri and Nicole are sporting new hairstyles. Gyuri has dyed her hair blonde and Nicole has got an even shorter cut. At first, I thought both hairstyles looked pretty bad. Gyuri’s bright orange hair just doesn’t compliment her face. That’s how I felt until I saw a high quality selca she released and I thought to myself, “Wow! Gyuri’s one of those special breed of Asians who can make blonde hair look good.” As for Nicole, I love her short hairstyle from her Lupin and Japanese Mister promotions, but this new cut is just too short for Nicole to work her magic. I’m hoping the final outcome will be different.

KARA’s Comeback Delayed Due to Seungyeon’s Injury

According to allkpop, Seungyeon was feeling pain in her lower back area that required medical attention. It apparently happened while she was working out. Due to Seungyeon’s injury, she’ll be resting for about 4 weeks and KARA’s comeback will also be delayed to November.

I hope Seungyeon isn’t feeling too bad about this. She’s already had some unfortunate accidents this year. Let’s all hope she gets better soon.


At the end of August, KARA released their fifth digital single titled “We Online Part.2”. The title song “2ME” was used as the theme song to the online game “WE Online: Secret Expedition”. They also released an MV to the song as well.

The MV looks rather cheap but I still like it mainly because of all those wonderful close-up shots and cute facial expressions.

Details on KARA’s Best Album – “KARA Best 2007-2010”

KARA Best 2007-2010 CD+DVD

A while back, KARA announced that they’d be releasing their very first best album in Japan. It’ll feature many of their past hits such as Mister and Lupin and will be released on September 29. The covers and tracklist have already been revealed. I especially like the CD+DVD cover. It really highlights legs. I do wish that covers could’ve been a little more creative as the base design is practically identical to the Mister covers.

1. Mr.
3. Honey
4. Pretty Girl
5. Wanna
6. Rock U
7. Umbrella
8. Watashi wa… (ing) (私は…)
9. Tasty Love
10. AHA
11. Break It
12. Good Day

DVD Tracklist
1. KARA in Japan Documentary

KARA Best 2007-2010 CD Only

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Eri Kamei to Release 9th Photobook

It was announced a while ago that Eri Kamei would be releasing her 9th Photobook titled “Eririn”. It is set to be released on October 26. The cover has already been released already and I’m lovin it. Her pose and facial expression are just so adorable although, I am a little disappointed that her hairstyle is pretty much the same from her “Sweet” PB. I can”t wait to see previews. I guess this will be her last PB while in Morning Musume but I hope she’ll continue releasing more PBs even after she graduates.

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Shoujo Jidai Claim #4 on Weekly Oricon Chart

On this weeks Oricon Weekly Chart, Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) took the #4 position selling 44 907 copies. With this achievement, they beat KARA’s record of highest debut ranking for a foreign female group. I guess Wang Biho’s Joke was right. AKB48 Sub-unit French Kiss came pretty close to Shoujo Jidai taking the #5 position with 40 983 copies sold. The difference between the two groups was only about 4000 copies. I would say Shoujo Jidai made a pretty strong debut. Congrats to the girls!

Oricon Weekly Ranking
1. Arashi – Love Rainbow (528,844)
2. GLAY – Precious (63,267)
3. Houkago Tea Time – Gohan ha Okazu (52,785)
4. Shoujo Jidai – GENIE (44,907)
5. French Kiss – Zutto Mae Kara (40,983)

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Ai Takahashi Opens an Ameba Blog

Morning Musume’s leader Ai Takahashi recently opened an Ameba Blog titled I am Ai. All I can say is FINALLY! Seeing has how most of the other members already have some sort of blog, it’s great to see Ai-chan getting into the fray. Now that Ai-chan has a blog, hopefully we can see more of her personality.

One more thing. Although I’m a little late, I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AI-CHAN!!!

Go under the cut for a huge picspam.
Continue reading

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[Eye Candy] 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands (Animated GIFs)

U Ready 4 Sum 2NE1 LUV?

Here’s another “Eye Candy” post. This it features only 2NE1. Clap Your Hands is such sick music video and my favourite of the 3 they released. I only made one CL gif here because she didn’t really have that many “GIF Worthy” solo shots. It’s probably because she’s featured so prominently in the “Go Away” MV. Minzy and Dara have the best shots here.

All images are sized at 100×100 and you’re free to use them just don’t claim them as your own and say I stole them cause that’s just plain wrong. If you want a bigger size or a certain scene from the MV, just request it in the comments.

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[Site Update] 1000 Views!!!

Since starting my blog in August, I’ve finally reached 1000 views. I’m not really sure if this is a good amount of views within a month or not but thank you anyways! I wanted a screenshot of my blog stats when it hit exactly 1000 kinda like how Sayumi tries that on her own blog. It looks harder than it seems. Also, I’ve changed my banner and background again. My background is a slightly edited version of Shoujo Jidai’s “Genie” promotional picture and my banner yet again features Atsuko Maeda. The girl is just too photogenic. Originally, I was going to use Yuko Oshima for my banner but then I found this pic of Acchan and I just had to use it for my banner. There wasn’t really much editing involved but let me know what you think it.

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