Morning Musume 10th Generation Auditions Announced

It hasn’t been a year yet since the 9th Gen auditions were added and already, Tsunku announces that there will be 10th Gen audition to add more members. Submissions for the audition will end on June 13th. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I’m excited that even more new members are entering the group. I mean, the whole audition process itself is an exciting thing to go through. From watching them audition to guessing which member will make the cut is a fun experience. There’s also the possibility that no one will even win. It happened before in the Lucky 7 Audition. Personally, I think Momusu needs at least one more member with powerhouse vocals and a Boke & Tsukkomi pair would be a nice addition in the personality department.
With the auditions happening so soon after the 9th Gen members were added, you can’t help but worry that someone else from Momusu is going to graduate. With Aika’s recent ankle injury, I could see her graduating to “focus on her health” or something like that. Sayumi could also graduate and move on to becoming a full-time talento like Yaguchi. I can’t see Risa or Reina graduating anytime soon though. After Ai-chan graduates, Risa will be gaining leadership and unless she gets into some huge scandal, I see Risa as leader for quite a while and without Ai-chan, Reina would be considered the main vocals for Momusu. One last thing. I just wanted to put the thought out there but wouldn’t it be so awesome if Eri came back to Momusu. It’s probably just wishful thinking but a guy can dream.

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