2PM – Take Off PV

2PM recently released their Japanese debut PV “Take Off”. To me, both the choreography and music were just ok. There isn’t really much of an impact. The “Take Off” dance when they “fly away“ looks so cheesy and dorky. Couldn’t they have come up with something better? Also, I was hoping they’d do some acrobats like they did in “Again & Again” and “I’ll Be Back”. One more thing, does anyone else think that Wooyoung looks like Guile from Street Fighter in the PV or is it just me?

The single is will be released on May 18, 2011 and it’ll contain the Japanese version of their Korean hit “Heartbeat”. “Take Off” is also being used as the ending theme to Ao no Exorcist. Check out the covers and tracklist below.

CD+DVD Limited Ed. Cover

CD+Photobook Limited Edition Cover

CD Only Regular Edition

CD Only Limited Pressing

CD Tracklist
1. Take off
2. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.-
3. Take off -TV size ver.- (CD Only Limited Pressing)
4. Take off (without main vocal)
5. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.- (without main vocal)
6. Take off -TV size ver.- (without main vocal) (CD Only Limited Pressing)

DVD Tracklist
1. Take off Music Video
2. Take off (Dance ver.) Music Video

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