SNSD Ranker

The poll has been running for almost a year so here are the long awaited results for the fan ranking:
1st place: Taeyeon – 23.05% (62 votes)
2nd place: Jessica – 17.47% (47 votes)
3rd place: Yoona – 12.27% (33 votes)
4th Place: Sooyoung – 11.9% (32 votes)
5th Place: Tiffany – 10.41% (28 votes)
6th Place: Yuri – 8.92% (24 votes)
7th Place: Seohyun – 8.55% (23 votes)
8th Place: Sunny – 4.46% (12 votes)
9th Place: Hyoyeon – 2.97% (8 votes)
Total votes: 269

Taeyeon and Jessica battling for 1st and 2nd was something I expected but I didn’t think Yoona would rank so high. I’ve always had the impression that amongst international fans, Yoona was considered to be overrated whereas the Korean fans loved her. It’s easy to guess why Hyoyeon and Suuny ranked at the bottom. Hyoyeon is considered ugly and Sunny’s aegyo is annoying. Compared to my ranking, there isn’t really much of a difference. Here are my thoughts on them:

1. Jessica

The Ice Princess Jessica takes my number 1 spot for favourite SNSD member. She’s called the Ice Princess for a reason and she’s definitely got some attitude which is what I love about this girl. She’s entertaining to watch and of all the members, I think she’s the prettiest and with blond hair, she’s just overkill, especially her hair style from “Run Devil Run”. In terms of singing, she has the most distinguishable voice in the group and it always easy to pick her out in the songs.

2. Taeyeon

~♥ Taengoo ♥~ This girl is cute, funny, has an amazing voice and it all comes in this tiny adorable package. I love it when people make fun of her for being short. It gives a good laugh and she handles those situations pretty well. The thing I love about Taeyeon the most is that she’s a huge dork. From her laughing fits to awesome facial expressions, she’s a top notch entertainer earning my number 2 spot.

3. Sooyoung

Great looks, nice voice, strong dancer, Sooyoung is your well-rounded idol. What puts Sooyoung above the others is that she’s got the best aegyo (cuteness) in SNSD. What’s so great about it is that it’s different from the normal kind of aegyo. It’s a weird kind of cuteness. She’s goes completely over the top with it and its plain hilarious and still ends up being cute. It’s a million times better than Sunny’s aegyo.

4. Tiffany

From videos I’ve seen, Tiffany always seems to be on the receiving end of pranks. She’s like the butt of all jokes. It’s sometimes hard to believe just how gullible she is but it’s because of this that she’s always able to provide a good laugh here and there from her reactions.

5. Hyoyeon

Number 5 goes to Hyoyeon. I know that in terms of looks, she isn’t exactly the prettiest especially compared to the other members, but when this girl dances, she suddenly becomes so much more attractive to me. It’s like seeing someone in a different light. I generally have a soft spot for the dancers of the groups. On top of her dance skills, Hyoyeon is pretty damn funny too.

6. Yoona

I’m just gonna outright and say this, Yoona is overrated. She’s pretty, can sing & dance, and has good variety skills. It’s just that from all these traits, there’s already a member in SNSD that can do it better than Yoona. I don’t hate Yoona, it’s just that she screams “average” and it’s hard to understand just how she’s the face of SNSD.

7. Yuri

I don’t like Yuri. There’s really no particular reason as to why I dislike her, I just don’t. Maybe I’m just waiting for her to do something that’ll wow me but right now, there’s nothing noteworthy about her in my eyes.


8. Seohyun

This girl is so boring. She’s too much of a goody two-shoes. I like idols that have some evil in them and are willing to pull pranks on other members and take shots at one another. Seohyun’s got none of that evil in her blood which makes her character pretty dull and predictable which is why I couldn’t watch her throughout We Got Married. It was too much of a snore fest.

9. Sunny

Burn! Burn! BURN! Ahem… I wouldn’t go that far but you get the idea. Last place goes to Sunny. She just annoys me in the worst possible way every time I see her. She’s known for being the best at aegyo in the group but I don’t see it. Members like Taeyeon and Yoona do her type better and are much cuter at it too. Suuny’s aegyo just doesn’t feel natural and she’s trying too hard pushing the “I’m so cute thing” down our throats. Compared to others who do something similar like Gyuri from KARA and Sayumi from Momusu, Sunny’s version just isn’t entertaining and it becomes a pain to watch every time.

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1 Response to SNSD Ranker

  1. Jany says:

    I think you just spoke out of my heart. The only difference is that I would switch Taeyeon’s and Sooyoung’s places because of her variety skills. But other than that I can’t agree more. Especially about Yoona (who is also bland and average to me), Yuri (who has something that makes me dislike her) and Sunny (who annoys the heck out of me).

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