Shoujo Jidai to Release Japanese Version of GEE

It was recently announced that Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) will be releasing a Japanese version of “Gee” as their second single in Japan. “Gee” was the song that launched the girls to super stardom in Korea and I get the feeling that it’ll do the same for them in Japan. Does anyone else think so too? Anyways, a radio-rip of the song has already been released.

I for one am disappointed that they’re releasing yet another rehash of one of their Korean songs. What’s next? Are they planning to release Oh! and Run Devil Run in Japanese as their 3rd and 4th single followed by the second Korean Album in Japanese too? Hopefully, they won’t go down this route. As for “Gee”, it took a lot longer for me to get used to unlike “Genie” when I liked it right away. On my first listen, everything felt so broken but I still kept listening to it now I’m addicted to “Gee” all over again. The single is set to be released on October 20.

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