2PM to Debut in Japan

Korean boy group 2PM are set to debut in Japan by the end of the year. They’ll be re-releasing their Korean debut album “01:59 PM” in Japan and will also include the bonus track “Thank You”. This also means that their first official single (whenever that’s released) will most likely be original and not a rehash of a past hit like what the K-Pop girl groups are currently doing. They’ll be releasing a DVD special about their history so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle everything Jay Park (Jaebeom) related.

When I found out about 2PM’s Japanese debut, I was pretty happy since 2PM is my favourite boy group amongst all the other boy groups in Korea and Japan so I’m hoping they make a stronger impression than BIG BANG and Tohoshinki but honestly, I have doubts that 2PM will gain much success in Japan, at least in the beginning. Not once have I ever heard a famous person in Japan mention 2PM. KARA had Gekidan Hitori constantly fanboy about them, certain members from AKB48 and Morning Musume fangirl about K-Pop boy groups. Acchan likes Tohoshinki, Mariko Shinoda and Ai Takahashi like BIG BANG + G-Dragon, and Junjun likes Super Junior. She actually wears “Super Junior” socks. As far as I know, right now 2PM doesn’t have much hype in Japan. It’s still early so right now so hopefully they’ll be able to get some attention.

For more info on events and such, check out Tokyohive as well as their official website.

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2 Responses to 2PM to Debut in Japan

  1. melania mojina says:

    wow….soo cute…

  2. hudhud says:

    thank you 4 the info..i think i agree with u but i’ll always support 2pm becauce i’m in japan rite now^^Y

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