The Latest KARA News

Here’s some news about KARA in the past weeks.

Gyuri and Nicole’s New Hairstyles

Most likely for KARA’s comeback, Gyuri and Nicole are sporting new hairstyles. Gyuri has dyed her hair blonde and Nicole has got an even shorter cut. At first, I thought both hairstyles looked pretty bad. Gyuri’s bright orange hair just doesn’t compliment her face. That’s how I felt until I saw a high quality selca she released and I thought to myself, “Wow! Gyuri’s one of those special breed of Asians who can make blonde hair look good.” As for Nicole, I love her short hairstyle from her Lupin and Japanese Mister promotions, but this new cut is just too short for Nicole to work her magic. I’m hoping the final outcome will be different.

KARA’s Comeback Delayed Due to Seungyeon’s Injury

According to allkpop, Seungyeon was feeling pain in her lower back area that required medical attention. It apparently happened while she was working out. Due to Seungyeon’s injury, she’ll be resting for about 4 weeks and KARA’s comeback will also be delayed to November.

I hope Seungyeon isn’t feeling too bad about this. She’s already had some unfortunate accidents this year. Let’s all hope she gets better soon.


At the end of August, KARA released their fifth digital single titled “We Online Part.2”. The title song “2ME” was used as the theme song to the online game “WE Online: Secret Expedition”. They also released an MV to the song as well.

The MV looks rather cheap but I still like it mainly because of all those wonderful close-up shots and cute facial expressions.

Details on KARA’s Best Album – “KARA Best 2007-2010”

KARA Best 2007-2010 CD+DVD

A while back, KARA announced that they’d be releasing their very first best album in Japan. It’ll feature many of their past hits such as Mister and Lupin and will be released on September 29. The covers and tracklist have already been revealed. I especially like the CD+DVD cover. It really highlights legs. I do wish that covers could’ve been a little more creative as the base design is practically identical to the Mister covers.

1. Mr.
3. Honey
4. Pretty Girl
5. Wanna
6. Rock U
7. Umbrella
8. Watashi wa… (ing) (私は…)
9. Tasty Love
10. AHA
11. Break It
12. Good Day

DVD Tracklist
1. KARA in Japan Documentary

KARA Best 2007-2010 CD Only

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