Shoujo Jidai Claim #4 on Weekly Oricon Chart

On this weeks Oricon Weekly Chart, Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) took the #4 position selling 44 907 copies. With this achievement, they beat KARA’s record of highest debut ranking for a foreign female group. I guess Wang Biho’s Joke was right. AKB48 Sub-unit French Kiss came pretty close to Shoujo Jidai taking the #5 position with 40 983 copies sold. The difference between the two groups was only about 4000 copies. I would say Shoujo Jidai made a pretty strong debut. Congrats to the girls!

Oricon Weekly Ranking
1. Arashi – Love Rainbow (528,844)
2. GLAY – Precious (63,267)
3. Houkago Tea Time – Gohan ha Okazu (52,785)
4. Shoujo Jidai – GENIE (44,907)
5. French Kiss – Zutto Mae Kara (40,983)

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