AKB48 – Yasai Sisters PV

The full PV of Yasai Sisters has just been released. The song was used as a promotion for Kagome Issho ni Koreichi.

When I first heard this song yesterday, I was like, “What the hell kinda garbage am I listening to.” Despite feeling that way, I felt compelled to listen to it again and again. Before I realized, I’ve become a fan of the song. You know, for some reason, I feel soooo ashamed that I like this song and I don’t know why. Anyways, I guess what really sold the song to me were those ridiculous shouts of their vegetable names. As for the PV, it just oozes cuteness from beginning to end. Right off the bat, we’re introduced to Acchan in such an adorable way and her “Ohayo” was just cute beyond epic proportions. Despite my positive reaction to Yasai Sisters, I feel like I’ve died a little inside.

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