KARA – Mister (Dance Shot) PV HD

Check out the Dance Shot version of Mister. The “butt dance” is here in all its glory. The overall feel of the PV is just like one of their live performances from Inkigayo, Music Bank, and the other music shows. I feel like KARA should do something like Momusu and release a close-up version and more dance shot versions in their other outfits. They had 4 different outfits in total and I would’ve preferred the dance shot be done in the military outfit. I don’t recall them ever wearing that outfit in Korea so it would’ve been refreshing to see them more in that outfit.

In any case, I hope the “butt dance’ catches on in Japan. We already have Ai-chan from Momusu giving it a go and she’s pretty good at it too. Linlin on the other hand needs some work.

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