C-ute – Dance de Bakoon PV

After seeing this PV, I suddenly like the song a whole lot more than how I initially felt. It just sounds so much better now and its levels above Campus Life. As for the PV, overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Choreography was simply awesome and the high level of fierceness is something we haven’t seen from C-ute in a while. Maimi and Chisato really stole my attention in this PV. Maimi’s dance skills are so fierce and her hair is longer which is a plus in my books. Chisato’s presence is something that can’t be ignored here. Whenever she appears, she just naturally draws my attention. The close-up shots of the members sharing a mic was nice too. Seeing their white outfit in the PV feels out of place as it doesn’t match with the dance but on the covers, they look amazing. Although, they slightly resemble Momusu’s Kimagure Princess outfits. Their dance outfits were pretty flashy too and Maimi in shorts is pure win. One thing that bugs me about the PV is the spelling of BACooN. It seems on most sites, the spelling is Bakoon, but in the PV it’s different. Now that I see the new spelling, it sometimes sounds like they’re saying Bacon.

Go under the cut for the covers and tracklist.

Regular Edition - CD Only

Limited Edition A - DVD of Dance de Bakoon! (Dance shot version)

Limited Edition B + DVD of Dance de Bakoon! (Close-up version)

1. Dance de Bakoon!
2. Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no
3. Dance de Bakoon! (Instrumental)

Single V DVD

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