AKB48 – Heavy Rotation PV [HQ]

Now that I’ve seen an HQ version, I can properly gush about how awesome the Heavy Rotation PV is. There’s just so much overflowing fanservice. Here are my positive and negative reactions on the PV:


  • Yuko getting center and a lot of screen time
  • The quirky choreography. I love that weird side step move.
  • Yuko’s mini dance break was just too adorable
  • The chorus is really catchy. ♪I want you, I need you, I love you…♫
  • The lingerie and cat outfits. Yuko and Acchan looked the best.
  • Bright and colourful
  • The kiss scenes
  • The back and forth head sway was really cute


  • Matsui Jurina in the bath tub. She’s 13 people.
  • Other than the chorus, the rest of the song is kinda forgettable. I still like the song overall though.
  • Senbatsu #13-21 getting shoved to the back. (Eg: Kitarie, Myao, Miichan)
  • Some of the Sexual Innuendos were a bit much like cake frosting on Tomomi’s face. We all know what it really meant.
  • The skirts they wore in the dance portion were just horrendous to looks at.
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