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[Poll] Which member of SNSD / Girls’ Generation / Shoujo Jidai is your favourite?

If you’ve noticed, there’s a new poll up in the sidebar. SNSD will be the next ones for my Idol Ranker. Please vote for your favourite member. It takes only 2 seconds to do so. If for some reason you’re … Continue reading

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New Morning Musume Unit Called “Muten Musume”

A new Morning Musume unit has been born. They’re known as Muten Musume. The new unit features all the members of Morning Musume and was created to promote sushi. They’ll be releasing a single called Appare! Kaiten Zushi which was … Continue reading

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Morning Musume x AKB48 Collaboration

On the show 24 Hours TV, Morning Musume, S/Mileage, and AKB48 collaborated together to sing a medley of Ghibli songs. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really much interaction between the two groups as I would have hoped. They pretty much just sang … Continue reading

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[Eye Candy] KARA & C-ute Animated Gifs

Here’s my second post of animated gifs featuring KARA & C-ute. The videos I used are Mister (Japanese Ver.) and Dance de Bakoon PVs. All images are sized at 100×100 and are free to use, just don’t claim them as … Continue reading

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JYJ – Itsudatte Kimini PV

I haven’t really been keeping track of TVXQ since their whole controversy has died down but it looks like JYJ (Junsu, Yuchun, and Jejung) are moving on as they released a new PV. The PV is actually a cut from … Continue reading

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C-ute – Dance de Bakoon PV (Dance shot & Close Up Ver.)

With the release of the Dance de Bakoon single a few days ago, the dance-shot and close-up versions of the PV have already surfaced on YouTube. Check out the videos under the cut.

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[Eye Candy] AKB48 & Maki Goto Animated Gifs

Ever since I found a way to create gifs in a quick easy way, I’ve been making them like crazy. Here are some animated gifs of AKB48 and Maki Goto. The videos I used were the Heavy Rotation PV, episode … Continue reading

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Shoujo Jidai – Genie PV

Shoujo Jidai (SNSD / Girl’s Generation) recently released the PV to the Japanese version of Genie (Tell me Wish). Like the Korean version, the Japanese version sounds just as awesome. Maybe a little even better. As for the PV, I’m … Continue reading

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Heavy Rotation #1 on Oricon Charts

On the weekly Oricon charts, AKB48 newest single Heavy Rotation took the #1 spot selling 527 000 copies. Compared to their last single Ponytail to Chouchou, Heavy Rotation sold about 14 000 more copies in its first week. This is … Continue reading

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AKB48 Mouse Pads

I found these pretty funny when I saw them. My first thought is just where exactly is your wrist supposed to be? This is my first time ever seeing something like this so I’m not exactly sure how it works. … Continue reading

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