KARA Polls

If you’ve noticed at the sidebar, we have 2 KARA themed polls going on. The first poll “Who is your favourite member from KARA?” is a poll Ryuu and I made because we’re posting our own KARA Ranker and wanted to see which members were the readers favourites before we posted ours.

Since KARA’s debut in Japan is fast approaching, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how well I think KARA will fare in Japan and what it’ll take for them to be successful and stuff like that. But before I post it, I’d like to see what people about the second poll “Which KARA member will be the most popular in Japan?”

If for some reason you can’t find or see the poll, here are direct links to them. We’ll be ending the polls soon so please vote, it only takes a few seconds.


Be sure to check out our KARA Thread.

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