Maki Goto – Houseki Performance at Music Japan [2010.07.18]

Check out Maki Goto’s appearance on Music Japan that aired on 2010.07.18. To upload the videos, I had to mirror the video. The quality is decent at best so try to enjoy. She performs the song Houseki from her upcoming mini album ONE and has a talk segment with SKE48 and Perfume while enjoying some soba noodles.

It’s great seeing Maki perform again. She looks stunning as always. Houseki is starting to become one of my favourite songs now. I really like the choreography here. It looks so quirky with the music. From what I could understand from her talk segment, she made the soup for the soba noodles and warns everyone its super spicy. Everyone likes it though so thumbs up for Maki!

The release of her mini album “ONE” will be released on July 28.

Last part under the cut.

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