Preview Tracks from Maki Goto’s “ONE” Mini Album

Over at HMV Japan’s website, previews of all of Maki Goto’s ONE tracks off her new mini album can listened to. Since EYES and Houseki have already been released through her PV previews, I decided to only upload her 3 new tracks; Wagamama, Ienai Kedo, and Hana Uta -hanauta- on YouTube for you listen too. From the new tracks, Ienai Kedo is the track I could listen to over and over again. Wagamama is pretty laid-back to listen to but it’s rather boring and plain. Hana Uta is simply beautiful to listen to. Although they’re only previews, the album overall looks like it’ll turn out pretty good. It’s no Sweet Black but it’ll still be pretty damn awesome.

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2 Responses to Preview Tracks from Maki Goto’s “ONE” Mini Album

  1. KamKami says:

    the songs are REALLY NICE…
    i like wagamama a lot… ienai kedois really good as well.. and hanauta is totally awesome..
    im glad im getting this album 😀 seems to be a REALLLY NICE album

    her voice is awesome

    Gocchin Fighting !!!

  2. KamKami says:

    oh btw.. right now ive heard all songpreviews of the album… and yes.. the album is def nice 😀

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