YUI – “Please Stay With Me” PV Released

YUI recently released her newest PV, Please Stay With Me to promote the release of her upcoming album Holidays in the Sun which will be released on July 14. I absolutely love her new song. It sounds melancholic yet beautiful. The PV has some wonderful shots of YUI so be sure to take a look before Youtube takes down the video.

Check out the Covers and Tracklists under the cut.

CD Only Cover

CD+DVD Cover

CD Tracklist
01. to Mother
02. again
03. Parade
04. es.car
05. Shake My Heart
07. I do it
08. Please Stay With Me
09. Summer Song
10. Cinnamon
11. Driving Happy Life
12. It’s all too much
13. Kiss me

DVD Tracklist
1. It’s happy line MV
2. My Generation MV
4. Namidairo MV
5. Laugh away MV
6. to Mother MV
7. to Mother Multi-angle Clip

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1 Response to YUI – “Please Stay With Me” PV Released

  1. ryuusenka says:

    a great song, she such a good singer i love her voice

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