Maki Goto – “EYES” PV Preview

Avex’s official Youtube channel recently released a short preview of Maki Goto’s new PV titled EYES. This will be her second PV used to promote her new mini album ONE. Unlike her first PV Houseki, EYES goes with a much sexier concept. We get to see Maki in 3 stunning outfits. The first outfit we see is a silver dress that leaves very little to the imagination with some flashy jewelry here and there. Her main outfit is a black and green combo with cute little devil horns and her last outfit which only appears briefly is a yellow ripped top and shorts.

In terms of music, I think the song is average at best. Compared to her Sweet Black stuff, it feels like she’s taken a step back. The song is good but it’s just not her best. Maki can do so much better. Also, is it me or do the backup dancers look like the ones she had in Some Boys Touch?

The mini album, ONE, will be released on July 28. Tracklist and Covers are under the cut.

Maki Goto - ONE (CD Only Cover)

CD Only Cover

Maki Goto - ONE (CD+DVD Cover)

CD+DVD Cover

Maki Goto - One (Limited Ed. Cover)

CD+DVD Don Quijote Limited Ed. Cover

CD Tracklist
1.Houseki (宝石; Jewel)
3.Wagamama (わがまま; Selfishness)
4.Ienai Kedo (言えないけど; I Can’t Say, But)
5.Hana Uta -hanauta- (華詩-hanauta-; Flower Poem)

DVD Tracklist
1.Houseki (宝石) (PV)

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