Okada Yui Is Leaving Upfront Kansai

On June 23rd, it was revealed that Yui Okada will be leaving Upfront Kansai after her contract expires this month on the 30th. According to Okada, she plans to pursue a career as a stylist or something along that area.

Here’s a translation of Yui’s comment regarding her contract ending: Credit to Nouciel from H!O

This is Okada Yui.

I was active in Biyuuden for 3 years and 9 months, and after that I was active as Okada Yui. I learned lots of things. It was a time with lots of happiness.

At that time, the hair and make-up artists made me pretty with make-up, and I really liked that. I took a liking in doing hair and make-up, what those people do is fun. Stylists can give cute clothes for people to wear. I think it’s great that people can make others pretty and I would really like to study beauty in depth, this is what has become my conclusion/final thought.

This is a sudden announcement. Meeting everyone was something that made me really happy and proud.

I look forward to meeting you all again.

For those of you who don’t know, Okada Yui is a graduate from Hello!Project and made her debut as part of the 3-unit group v-u-den until it disbanded on June 29, 2008. After her graduation, she mostly appeared on TV as a talent.

I’ve been a H!P fan for almost a year now and it was just a few months ago that I started to notice her. Okada is very pretty and was loads of fun to watch on Hello!Morning. I wish Yui the best of luck to her future goals.

Here’s a Pic Spam of Yui Okada under the cut and be sure to check out our Momusu / Hello!Project Thread.

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