Avex Forms a New Idol Girl Group: SUPER GiRLS

At the Avex Idol Audition 2010, with over 7000 applicants, 12 people were selected to form new idol girl group: SUPER GiRLS. The winners are:

• Saori Yasaka (21)
• Kaede Kano (17)
• Eri Akita (17)
• Rina Miyazaki (16)
• Mirei Tanaka (13)
• Ruka Mizote (13)
• Hikaru Watanabe (16)
• Aya Goto (13)
• Reira Arai (15)
• Ami Maeshima (12)
• Rika Shimura (17)
• Rino Katsuta (15)

At their PR event, they expressed hopes of becoming a successful idol group that could one day surpass AKB48. The girls are set to make their stage debut at Avex’s a-nation event on August 7.

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