Mari Yaguchi & Masaya Nakamura Confirmed to be Dating

Former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi (27) is dating actor Masaya Nakamura (24). A Sanspo article recently reported that the two were dating. Shortly after, Yaguchi wrote on her blog confirming that the rumors were true.

It was reported that the two met each other earlier this year through a group meet lead by a mutual friend. I found it kind of funny that most news sources I’ve found had to make a remark on the height difference (about 48 centimeters) between the two.

The last time Yaguchi was caught dating, she “resigned” from Morning Musume. Since then, she’s led a good career as a talento and variety idol. Now that she’s older, news of Yaguchi dating shouldn’t be a big deal but who knows how the wotas will react. Let’s just hope everyones cool with this.

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