HIGH and Mighty COLOR to Break Up

HIGH and Mighty COLOR has announced that they’ll be disbanding. The reason for their break up is due to creative differences and their future goals. They’ll officially end their activities after the release of their new single “Re:ache,” on August 11. The last single “Re:ache” will contain three new songs, with four songs in total, the fourth being a live rendition of “Red”. The single will be a CD+DVD bundle that will come with the PVs for “Re:ache” and “Good Bye”, as well as live recordings of their American concert from Sakura-Con 2010

For those of you that don’t know, HIGH and Mighty COLOR is a 6 member band. They performed theme songs for popular animes such as Bleach, Gundam Seed Destiny, and Darker Than Black. In 2008, their lead vocalist Makii left the group so she could marry Masato Nakamura. In 2009, she was replaced by Halca and they released one album together.

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5 Responses to HIGH and Mighty COLOR to Break Up

  1. MrB says:

    shimatta! I guess all good things must come to an end.. ganbatte-ne *sob*

  2. ruka says:

    it’s so hard for me to accept that my favourite band gonna break up. first one is when Maakii got married to Masa DCT. Now, disband. With the reason they thrown to us, I think that doesn’t make any sense. They can discuss and take time, not by disbanding the group. Out there, in Japan, back to Okinawa, and all over the world, they are well-known. Such a waste if they go individually. They really compatible together as they had been friends in such a long time (except HALCA that have been replace Maakii). It’s hard to find a band that have a strong relation of friendship. I do hope someday when I’ve the opportunity to go to Japan, I can watch them singing live. I live in Malaysia, so I didn’t have the opportunity to watch them really live, except recorded live. I do hope that they won’t disband. If they said about “musical differences”, they can combine their music. If they talking about “future opportunities”, what doe it mean? Their fututre are bright together as a band. Such a waste. Really a waste. Whatever it is, I LOVE HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR!!! PLEASE DON’T DISBAND! ONEGAI SHIMASU!

  3. Ezura says:

    Awww… this is sad.. I love their songs

  4. dymeFrianne says:

    im a pinoy but i like this band!!
    To bad their disbanding!!
    kayo ang no1 japanis band!!

  5. i love yhis band since first time they came out !!
    now they want to disbanding !!??
    MY GOD !!

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