Morning Musume To Attend Japan Expo 2010

At the 2010 Japan Expo which is to be held from July 1-4 in Paris, France at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Convention Center, Morning Musume is scheduled to make an appearance.

The theme song for the expo is Tomo which is the B-side to their 43rd single Seishun Collection set to be released on June 9th.

The official Japan Expo website left this message:
Morning Musume
Soundlicious, in partnership with Japan Expo, presents the Morning Musume。! Discover this band of 8 bubbly girls for signing sessions and a public conference!

You probably know the Morning Musume。? 8 Idols who make the heart of the Japanese public melt with lively pop songs and funny choreographies

They have sold 11 million singles and all their live concerts are sell-outs! These stars of the Idol phenomenon are absolutely impossible to avoid in Japan. And they are also successful in France where there are more and more of you who follow their career. This year, for the first time ever, the Morning Musume。 are coming to meet the European public… at Japan Expo! For a public conference and signing sessions!

The icing on the cake: a great paying live concert organized by Soundlicious, on Friday, July 2nd in the evening, on the musical stage of Japan Expo, after the closing of the festival!

Here’s a video message from Morning Musume regarding their trip:

Here is the translation for the video done by ChrNo @ JPHi!P

Ai : Hi we are Morning Musume !
We have the pleasure to announce you that we are going to be in Paris in July !
We are going to be at the Japan Expo, a big convention, to do a concert !

Gaki :Can you believe it ? Paris ! I’ve always wanted to go there !

Kamei : So we’ll be able to meet our French and European fans, I’m so Happy !

Yes !

Reina : I’d love to do some tourism

Great idea !

Sayu : We often see some beautiful shops on tv, or beautiful buildings, I would love to buy some cute stuffs from that kind of place

Aika : As for me i’ve always been fascinated by the french way of living

Junjun : I want to eat French cuisine !

Linlin : Japan Expo is a convention with a lot of mangas and animes, I can’t wait to be there !

Aibutt : We are looking forward to meet you there !

Morning Musume !

See you soon !

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