XIAH Junsu – Intoxication

XIAH Junsu of Tohoshinki kicked off his solo debut with his “Intoxication” PV. The song has been described as a medium-tempo ballad and was written by Junsu and the music video was produced by MTV Japan. The full single is planned to be released on May 26.

Personally, I love the song and video. The catchy beat and smooth vocals really suit each other quite well and combine it with some slick and sexy choreography makes for a strong debut . What does everyone else thing of Junsu’s music video.

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2 Responses to XIAH Junsu – Intoxication

  1. kiko says:

    I like junsu, a lot. Actually his talent, cute, his maskulin hot side.
    I proud he now can make his own single, im happy^^ shanshimmuru…
    This single-intoxication is:
    -great beat
    -great music
    -wonderfull voices (this is MUST be the focus point right?)
    -hot dance choreographer (great)

    BUT me, as a junsu’s voices listener, doesnt like the lyric. Just one word to my xiah: TOO MUCH. Please thinking again about ur talent (now people busy talking about ur MV sexy liric, make them ‘fantasy’,ur hot song booming n blablabla, BUT not say about ur GEOGEOUS voices that must be the focus point T_T
    I love hot lyric, seductive, but not explicit n transparant lyric like this.
    Junsu ya, amagine if ur favorite singer (i meant the most wonderfull voices singer that u proud), singing ‘foreplay&orgasm’?
    Its look like u sell ur self to be everyones fantasy partner. And with ur talent junsu ya…jinja nomu.
    Junsu ya, you choose…
    I can say with smile “omg xiah very sexy ilove u!!!so hot make me fly, go xiah go”
    BUT im not, i say this with pure heart bcause i love ur talent, super powerful wonderfull voices. Get another lyric, the right sexy song that FIT on you xiah.
    Be patient and wise, get the best song to ur own.
    I still like u, alot, wish u luck from here.

    To another junsu fans, im sorry, but i must say this. And i say this not 4 make u hate xiah, but 2 support n look for he best developt his talent-VOICES…jinjaro.

    With pray n wish 4 ur succed,
    junsu ya fighting.

  2. IHugKittens says:

    I’m a little shocked by the song, but I should NOT be since I grew up listening to R+B. I think he should have made the video MORE sexy. The song reminds me of a “slow jam” and I think the video should have him doing things slowly and sensually, not the fast dance w/ Yakuza in the background. Maybe a scene like him trying to seduce a girl…some slow-moving bedsheets, that type of thing.

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