Erika Sawajiri Heading Towards Divorce and Moving to Avex

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On the “Mr. Sunday” show, it was rumored that actress Erika Sawajiri (24) was heading towards a divorce with media creator Tsuyoshi Takashiro (45) to whom she married in January 2009. Sawajiri left a message on her official website on April 27 confirming the divorce rumors were true. News of this divorce apparently took Takashiro by surprise as the issue of divorce never came up between the two in conversations. There have been speculations that the reason for the divorce was due to money problems.

In 2009, Sawajiri was fired from her agency Stardust Promotion due to undisclosed reasons and not much has been heard from her since until March 2010 where she announced that she’ll be restarting her career. It was revealed that she established her own private management office with her husband in Spain. With this divorce, Sawajiri is currently in contract negotiations with Max Matsuura (45) to sign on with Avex. Avex confirmed of the contract negotiations and have plans for Sawajiri’s acting comeback in a BeeTV drama series. No other information was given.

Sources: Jpopasia & Tokyograph

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4 Responses to Erika Sawajiri Heading Towards Divorce and Moving to Avex

  1. shinkawa says:

    that b!tch really want to divorce after that poor Takashiro done so much for her even giving his fortune? WTF!!

  2. Joe says:

    Used goods is used goods.

  3. Such harsh comments. If Avex is willing to sign Sawajiri on, the divorce can’t be completely her fault.

  4. lala21 says:

    I couldn’t blame her. I can’t imagine how she fell in love with him…

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