AKB48 – Beginner PV (Uncensored Original)

After a really long time, someone has finally released a higher quality version of the original uncensored version of AKB48’s Beginner PV. This version is so much better than the dance-shot. I can kinda understand why this version was banned. Some of the scenes were somewhat gruesome like Kojiharu’s death and Acchan ripping her hand off. The one scene that really stood out for me in the PV was Acchan’s scream. It sent shivers down my spine.

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2PM – Take Off (Dance Version) PV HD

Check out the dance version of 2PM’s Take Off PV. The more I watch and listen to the PV, the better it becomes. Unlike my initial reaction, the song sounds much catchier now but I still think the “Fly Away” dance looks cheesy and Wooyoung still looks like Guile from Street Fighter.

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Maki Goto – Nee… PV

Check out the full PV of Maki Goto’s Nee… As always, Maki looks beautiful and her new song is pretty good too. It’s a nice mellow ballad that’s easy to listen to. But overall, I felt her new mini-album LOVE was lacking. Especially when you compare LOVE to her last 3 mini-albums which were spectacular.

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Morning Musume 10th Generation Auditions Announced

It hasn’t been a year yet since the 9th Gen auditions were added and already, Tsunku announces that there will be 10th Gen audition to add more members. Submissions for the audition will end on June 13th. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I’m excited that even more new members are entering the group. I mean, the whole audition process itself is an exciting thing to go through. From watching them audition to guessing which member will make the cut is a fun experience. There’s also the possibility that no one will even win. It happened before in the Lucky 7 Audition. Personally, I think Momusu needs at least one more member with powerhouse vocals and a Boke & Tsukkomi pair would be a nice addition in the personality department.
With the auditions happening so soon after the 9th Gen members were added, you can’t help but worry that someone else from Momusu is going to graduate. With Aika’s recent ankle injury, I could see her graduating to “focus on her health” or something like that. Sayumi could also graduate and move on to becoming a full-time talento like Yaguchi. I can’t see Risa or Reina graduating anytime soon though. After Ai-chan graduates, Risa will be gaining leadership and unless she gets into some huge scandal, I see Risa as leader for quite a while and without Ai-chan, Reina would be considered the main vocals for Momusu. One last thing. I just wanted to put the thought out there but wouldn’t it be so awesome if Eri came back to Momusu. It’s probably just wishful thinking but a guy can dream.

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the GazettE – Vortex (Radio Rip)

Check out the radio rip of the GazettE’s new song “Vortex”. The quality isn’t the greatest but the full song is still listenable. Personally, I love the song. It’s hard hitting and addicting to listen but from the PV preview, the song as a whole wasn’t what I expected. Credit for uploading the song in the first place goes to http://gazebestfriends.blogspot.com/. Big thanks to them.

What are your thoughts on the song?

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Ai-chan’s Hair is Blonde!

OMG! Ai-chan’s blonde! I’m pretty late on this but I just had to mention it. Not only did she cut it short but she dyed it blonde as well. She kinda has this boyish charm to her now but no matter what style Ai-chan chooses, she’ll always end up looking sexy. She kinda resembles G-Dragon doesn’t she? Maybe I should start calling Ai-chan “Love-Dragon” now. Get it?
Love-Dragon 2

Below are some more pics of Ai-chan’s gorgeous blonde hair. Check it out.

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the GazettE – Vortex PV Preview

I don’t wanna be~come the f***ing garbage like you~
*angry scream & guitar solo*

Lols! My favourite line from the PV so far. Vortex is looking really promising but it sounds so familiar to some their other songs which can be a good or bad thing depending on you preferences.

As for their appearances, the members are clad in black looking pretty cool. At first when I saw Aoi’s pink hair, I was all WTF but looking at it again, it surprisingly suits him. Uruha looks like how he always does. Not really used to seeing Reita with brown hair. Blonde Reita is much better though. Ruki & Kai look the best for their new single.

The single will be released on May 25th in two types; the Auditory Impression & Optical Impression. Check out the covers and tracklist below.

Optical Impression Cover

Optical Impression CD Tracklist
Optical Impression DVD Tracklist
1. VORTEX (Music Clip)
2. VORTEX (Making of)

Auditory Impression Cover

Auditory Impression Tracklist

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2PM – Take Off PV

2PM recently released their Japanese debut PV “Take Off”. To me, both the choreography and music were just ok. There isn’t really much of an impact. The “Take Off” dance when they “fly away“ looks so cheesy and dorky. Couldn’t they have come up with something better? Also, I was hoping they’d do some acrobats like they did in “Again & Again” and “I’ll Be Back”. One more thing, does anyone else think that Wooyoung looks like Guile from Street Fighter in the PV or is it just me?

The single is will be released on May 18, 2011 and it’ll contain the Japanese version of their Korean hit “Heartbeat”. “Take Off” is also being used as the ending theme to Ao no Exorcist. Check out the covers and tracklist below.

CD+DVD Limited Ed. Cover

CD+Photobook Limited Edition Cover

CD Only Regular Edition

CD Only Limited Pressing

CD Tracklist
1. Take off
2. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.-
3. Take off -TV size ver.- (CD Only Limited Pressing)
4. Take off (without main vocal)
5. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.- (without main vocal)
6. Take off -TV size ver.- (without main vocal) (CD Only Limited Pressing)

DVD Tracklist
1. Take off Music Video
2. Take off (Dance ver.) Music Video

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[Eye Candy] KARA – Jet Coaster Love (Animated GIFs)

In celebration of KARA’s reconciliation with DSP, here’s a whole bunch of GIFs from KARA’s Jet Coaster Love PV. All images are sized at 100×100 and you’re free to use them. If you want a bigger size or a certain scene from the PV, just request it in the comments.

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Dispute with Seungyeon, Nicole, Jiyoung Against DSP Over!

As everyone should know by now, KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, & Jiyoung have finally reached a compromise with DSP. Whatever problems they’ve had in the past are resolved now. I’m so happy right now! Since the beginning, I knew everything was gonna work out and to all the haters out there and the people who lacked faith that the 5 would reunite, take this. With everything that’s happened, I’m expecting KARA to make some epic comeback for their next single.

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